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Laptop Power Jack Repair

The power connector or power port on your laptop is likely to fail at some point. These jacks on laptops are poorly designed and can break any time or will wear out at some point from rough handling of your laptop with the power cord plugged in. At first you might need to wiggle the jack to get the machine to work but at some point it will not power on at all and then you have two choices, repair the jack or replace the whole motherboard. Many laptop manufacturers will try to sell you a whole new motherboard or will charge you as much as $200 to get the jack fixed. Some "laptop repair" shops will "repair" the jack by just resoldering the old one. 

We can fix any power jack on Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Lenovo, MSI, Packard Bell, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba laptops for $80, including brand new DC JACK. WE STOCK ALL DC POWER JACKS for the brands we service. You do not have to wait 3-5 days for a repair like many other shops tell you. We will also clean out the whole cooling system (fan, vents and filters) at the time of repair at no extra cost. 

Dead laptop?. Powers on, but nothing else ?

The sad truth about laptops is that sometimes they just don't power up and you have no way to tell what has gone wrong without taking them completely apart. A laptop is built a lot like a Swiss watch, each unit can have 50-80 screws and 30-40 parts and a "tear-down" should NEVER be attempted by someone without real laptop repair experience.

We can do a series of quick diagnostics, either when you are in the shop or overnight, at no charge to get an idea of what has happened and what it will take to fix your laptop problems. The only time we charge a diagnostic fee is when we determine a laptop failure may require disassembling the whole unit down to the motherboard. If that is needed we ALWAYS notify you in advance and if you agree our fee is $25 for full disassembly, diagnostic and re-assembly. If we charge a disassembly fee and determine we can fix it, the price of the disassembly is applied to the total cost of the repair. It's just like when we repair a DC power jack. So for a DC jack, blown fuse, USB port or microphone jack that has gone bad can be repaired after a full tear-down but we apply the $25 to the job so they tend to average $79 to $99, not hundreds of dollars. If you decide not to do the repair you only pay the $25 fee and we re-assemble the unit back to as it was when you brought it in.

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Is your laptop power jack broken ?

Laptop power jacks are poorly designed and over time will break from even normal use. We can replace or repair power jacks on most laptops for $80.  Call us for more information.  516-938-2421.