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Remote computer repair:

If you need computer assistance we can provide online computer support. While we work you can watch every step of the way as our remote software lets us access your computer as if we were sitting next to you and you can see the work being done.
A few of the services we can perform online are:

Resolving driver issues
Installing software
Install or configure backup services
Virus, Malware and Spyware removal
Disk cleanup, compression, optimization
General tune-ups or updates
Troubleshooting hardware and software problems

For an online diagnostic of your computer it is only $20. This will allow us to see what is wrong and let you know how much it would cost to fix your computer. If you decide to not fix your machine all you pay is the $20 fee. (We do not charge a fee for in-store diagnostics, only for online-diagnostics).

If you decide to have us repair your computer then the $20 fee is waved and only the repair fee will be charged.

We have a few simple rates:

Single Problem fix - $49.00
Virus Cleaning/ Malware & All updates - $69.00
Install software of your choice - $30.00
(This price does NOT include any license fees or purchase
costs of the actual software program itself. This is only a fee to install the program you are having trouble with.
We have other fees and services we can perform remotely on your computer, call or email us for more information !     

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