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Help with Google search engine, Google Analytics and Google+

We work with Google Business, Google Plus and Google Analytics and have been helping our web hosting customers to add these features and services to their web site with very little effort from them. We can offer this same service to you at a much lower price than other SEO companies charge.

Basically, we do a quick review of your site, add a Site Map and then create a  Google+ (plus) page (or update and enhance the one you have) and then create a Google Analytics account that watches your website and allows you to see what type of traffic your site has, what kind of searches people are performing and to see if your site has any broken links, errors or possible hacked code or other malware.
This entire process requires almost no work from you. We also do not change the current contents of your web page nor modify any of the website code. The idea is to enable to you get the maximum usefulness from Google without you having to spend weeks learning how to do this yourself and to offer this at a reasonable price.

When completed, you will be able to check on your web site statistics through Google and track what kind of traffic your site is getting plus get ideas for what you can do to improve it. This will also allow Google to properly crawl and index your site and avoid missing out on any pages that are important for your visitors to see. Additionally having a properly configured Google+ page will give you another presence on the internet and add to Google search results without you having to build any additional web sites.

This whole process is done for a one time fee of only $150.00 and takes about 3-4 days to complete. If you are interested in this service, please email us: